Ministerial Transition @ UUFR

The Fellowship’s Lead Minister, Rev. John L. Saxon, announced on January 15th that he will be leaving his ministry at UUFR at the end of June, 2017.

In announcing his leaving, Rev. John said that he had come to the realization over the past several months that although he’d done a lot of good work with the congregation during his eight years with us as Lead Minister, Assistant Minister, and student (intern) minister, he’d given us everything that he had to offer us as our minister and that it is time for him to step aside so we can find a new minister who can lead us, care for us, work together with us, and love us as we face the very real and very significant challenges that we will need to face to nurture and sustain our religious community during the coming years and ensure that it will remain the vibrant, healthy, engaged, inclusive, welcoming, diverse, justice-seeking, transformative liberal religious community we seek s to be.

The Fellowship’s Board has expressed its sincere thanks to Rev. John for all that he has done for UUFR and has asked Fellowship members and friends to join the Board in you will join us in expressing appreciation for his care and leadership of our beloved community.

For additional information about Rev. John’s leaving and the Board’s plan for finding a new Lead Minister please read: