Participate in the UUA Social Witness Process

The UUA Commission on Social Witness has released a draft Statement of Conscience (SOC) on Escalating Inequality, the Congregational Study/Action Issue adopted by the UUA General Assembly in 2014. You can find the draft at…/escalatinginequa…/escalating-inequality. The SOC is one of the items that will likely be on the agenda for consideration at the 2017 UUA General Assembly in New Orleans. Adopted Statements of Conscience become official policy statements of the UUA.

If you are interested in whether or not the UUA General Assembly passes this SOC, consider applying to become one of UUFR’s delegates to the General Assembly. Delegates can attend GA in person in New Orleans or remotely online. Email Rev. Sasha at [email protected] if you’re interested in applying.

The process whereby the General Assembly passes a new SOC begins with the selection of a Congregational Study/Action Issue. The newest CSAI was selected at GA 2016, and a study guide on the issue is now available for all congregations. If you’re interested in leading UUFR in study of this newly selected issue, “The Corruption of Our Democracy” (read about it here:…/corruption-of-our-democracy) please let Rev. Sasha know at [email protected]

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