Generosity Campaign

The theme of UUFR’s 2017 Generosity Campaign (Feb. 19th– April 2nd) is Faith and Commitment in Challenging Times.

UUFR’s 2017 Generosity Campaign has “officially” ended!!!

Here’s the latest (almost final) update! As of April 12th, we’ve received 259 pledges totaling $510,545–over 92% of the way to our goal of $552,265.

Thanks to everyone for their incredible generosity. Many if not most of the pledges were “fair share” pledges and the vast majority of pledging households increased their financial commitments above and beyond their current giving.

To meet our goal, though, we still need another 40 UUFR households to pledge an additional $40,000 (an average of $1000 which is slightly less than our median household pledge of $100 per month).

So, if you haven’t already made or renewed your financial commitment to UUFR, PLEASE DO SO NOW!!!

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