Generosity Campaign

The theme of UUFR’s 2017 Generosity Campaign (Feb. 19th– April 2nd) is Faith and Commitment in Challenging Times.

UUFR’s 2017 Generosity Campaign is in its home stretch!!!

The good news is that as of March 26, we’ve received 213 pledges totaling $456,611–82% of the way to our goal of $552,265.

The not so good news is that during the FINAL WEEK of the campaign we need at least 85 more pledges for an additional $95,000.

So, if you haven’t already made or renewed your financial commitment to UUFR, PLEASE DO SO NOW!!!

Fair Share Giving Guidelines

How to Make Your Gift to UUFR

Generosity Campaign News and Updates

Generosity & Giving @ UUFR: Questions & Answers


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