Faith and Commitment in Challenging Times

Dear Fellowship Members and Friends,

UUFR is a special place—the beloved community that we cherish and share.

We laugh, cry, squabble (sometimes), and sustain each other in times of life crises and grief. Our spirits are nourished and sustained through worship and music. We build deep and lasting relationships. We support our children and youth as they navigate a culture where liberal values are often marginalized. We are recognized in the larger community as a beacon of strength and support for social justice and an inclusive, moral society.

UUFR is a special place that faces daunting challenges:

  • For years we’ve accomplished a lot with too few resources. We’ve reduced staff hours and benefits. These cuts have taken a toll on our ability to provide high quality ministry and programs. We can no longer thrive while trying to do more with less.
  • Our Lead Minister is leaving in June. We must bring on a skilled and seasoned developmental or interim minister. We must strengthen our UUFR community and prepare to face the challenges of our own growth and our role in our larger community as we face unprecedented disruptions in the civility and social contracts that we have come to take for granted
  • Our Board and Finance Committee project that restoring staff hours and benefits to pre-cut levels and offering a competitive compensation package to a strong ministerial candidate will require an increase of $60,000 above our 2016-2017 budget. We will need to increase our giving by 12% to make this happen.

A 12% increase is an ambitious goal and one that is well within our capacity to achieve. We have the spirit, the strength, and the capacity to flourish, not to just maintain. We can inspire and motivate one another by sharing our visions of the loving and transformational community to which we aspire.

Our Generosity Team will offer information and encouragement during the campaign. Visiting Stewards will call on a significant proportion of Members and Friends to ask for their support.

UUFR is calling on you to:

  • If called, make time to meet with the Visiting Steward. Wait to complete your pledge until after the meeting.
  • If you haven’t pledged before we need you now! The midrange of one of the Fair Share categories is a good starting point.
  • If you are renewing your pledge, look at the Fair Share Guidelines. Consider going up a level.
  • Most importantly, reflect on the place that UUFR has for your life and for the community at large.

With Faith in each other and the Commitment to share generously of ourselves and our resources, we can and will face the Challenging Times that lie ahead for the beloved community we cherish and share.

Yours in Faith and Commitment,

Linda Watson                   Paul Groves                                     Chris Breivogel                 Rev. John L. Saxon Stewardship Chair          Generosity Campaign Chair              Board President               Lead Minister