Ministry Progress Report

The most recent Ministry Progress Report to the Fellowship’s Board of Directors has been posted on the public Google drive for UUFR members and friends.

The report covers Fellowship programs and activities between September 1, 2016 and March 15, 2017 related to six specific ministry goals established by the UUFR Board of Directors:

  1. Expand the Fellowship’s connections ministry to include intentional efforts to involve new and established [members and friends];
  2. Deepen understanding of membership in our religious community;
  3. Strengthen intergenerational relationships within the Fellowship …;
  4. Reaffirm UUFR’s [LGBTQ] welcoming congregation status;
  5. Affirm UUFR as an anti-racist congregation …; and
  6. Develop a cohesive approach to communications … [and] increase use of technology in communications, outreach, and infrastructure ….