Creating Safe Space @ UUFR

The Healthy Congregation Committee (HCC) periodically reviews and updates the UUFR policies we have developed to ensure they remain viable and relevant to the needs of our congregation.

Updates have recently been made to the Safe Congregation Policy to more clearly address any risk of abuse if and when we encounter this in our UUFR community.

This policy reflects our commitment to our UU principles, and to the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

  • The policy identifies prohibited behaviors including physical, emotional and sexual abuse, and the use of drugs or alcohol.
  • It summarizes precautionary measures that will be taken to ensure congregational safety.
  • In accordance with our first UU Principle, this policy allows for consideration of registered sex offenders and others who may pose a risk of harm. After careful evaluation by the HCC and the Lead Minister and with Board Approval, such persons may be allowed to participate fully or on a restricted basis in UUFR programs. Restrictions are defined in a signed contract, which may limit program access or require a designated escort. The HCC and Lead Minister are responsible for monitoring compliance when restrictions are in place.
  • The policy provides guidelines addressing supervision and pick-up requirements for the protection of children and youth, and guidelines for communication between adults and children or youth.
  • It includes guidelines regarding the use of background checks.
  • It establishes procedures for responding to situations of alleged abuse.

The Fellowship’s Safe Congregation Policy is posted on our public Google drive.

Please review this policy to help ensure the safety of our community.

If you have reasonable cause to suspect abuse, report it immediately to one of our ministers or staff or to a member of the Healthy Congregation Committee.