Justice Sundays July 9 and Aug. 27 to support a Triangle sanctuary space

Our Justice Sunday collections this Sunday, July 9th and next month, August 27th, will be taken in support of a Triangle sanctuary space.

Unitarian Universalist congregations all over the nation, including here in the Triangle, have been receiving an increasing number of requests to assist with providing sanctuary from deportation proceedings. Some congregations are able to open their doors to individuals and families in need, but we are all called upon as we are able to open our hearts, hands, and wallets to help support congregations who are ready to host those in need.

Local Unitarian Universalist congregations here in the Triangle area are beginning to make commitments of support in the event that one of our congregations becomes a sanctuary congregation. UUFR’s July 9th and August 27th collections will be used to create a fund to be used for this purpose. In the meantime, as the Unitarian Universalist Service committee continues to work with congregations to expand sanctuary throughout the nation, our UUFR Board of Directors has asked our ministers to begin looking into what is required—logistically as well as educationally and spiritually—for UUFR to one day become a sanctuary congregation.

Please give generously on July 9th and August 27th, and stay tuned for future developments. To learn more about the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee’s work to expand sanctuary, please visit their website.