September 10 Sunday Morning Forum on Cohousing

Cohousing is a way of combining privately-owned residences with additional land owned in common and a community building with space for many activities, including community-prepared dinners several nights a week. Land for residences is minimized so that larger blocks of land are available for gardening, games, or wildlife habitat. Some cohousing is for all ages, some is focused on older adults.

Presenters: Kayelily Middleton and Dona McNeill of Raleigh Cohousing.

Who should attend: couples and singles who expect to get older and who want more do-it-yourself options than those offered by conventional retirement and assisted living communities and who no longer want the space to raise a family or run a large household.

What you will learn: social and practical principles of creating a cohousing organization, issues in bringing cohousing to fruition, references to various cohousing sites around the Triangle and sources of more information.

Raleigh Cohousing Vision: We are a group of caring cooperative adults creating an eco-friendly village neighborhood of privately owned homes clustered around a community clubhouse. We intend to zestfully thrive in place in our community located in Wake County North Carolina!

When: Sunday, September 10 at 9:30 a.m. in Clara Barton in Peace Hall