Support Democracy NC on This Justice Sunday, Feb. 4

Democracy NC will be the recipient of our Justice Sunday collection on February 4th. This group is a non-partisan, statewide organization that works to help North Carolinians achieve a state government of, for and by the people of NC.

Democracy NC organizes and trains volunteers to conduct non-partisan voter registration drives, to monitor the board of elections to ensure that all voters can cast unobstructed ballots, and to lobby our state legislators for fair and unbiased elections. Their research, which analyzes election-related problems, has supported many complaints and lawsuits, including the lawsuits about the congressional maps that the courts have struck down for racial gerrymandering. From their website: “Our top concerns include money in politics (which we address, in part, by advocating for voter-owned elections), ethics reform, voting and voter rights, and encouraging greater citizen participation in our government.”