Michos-Irwin Award

The Michos – Irwin Award is named after Barbara Michos and Rand Irwin, both of whom were longtime members of our congregation. Barbara and Rand consistently shared their time and considerable talents with UUFR, daytoday and yeartoyear. Their actions helped shape the character of UUFR. The purpose of the award bearing their names is to recognize a current UUFR member who has shared his or her time and talent with UUFR to an extraordinary degree, on a continuing basis. The award is to be given at the annual Congregational Meeting

Members of the congregation are encouraged to nominate award recipients. In considering whether to nominate a potential recipient, factors should include the magnitude, duration and consistency of the person’s contributions. There is no limit on the types of contributions that may be considered. Possible areas of service include religious education (child, youth, and/or adult), social justice, ministry team activities, UUFR governance and committee work, care of the building and grounds, and facilitation of social or fundraising activities. Any other type of contribution that comes to your attention also may be considered.

How/when/where to make a nomination?

A nomination form is available HERE

  •  Nominations must be submitted at least 45 days before the annual Congregational Meeting, which this year would be a deadline of March 29.
  •  Complete the application and send it to the email address on the form or deposit it in the Board President’s mailbox downstairs.
  • Selection procedure:

Our Board of Directors will review all applications, considering each nominee’s contributions to UUFR. The award will be made by a vote of the full Board.