Sabbatical Leave for our Director of Religious Exploration

This spring our DRE, Tryst Chagnon, will be taking a period of sabbatical leave from March 26th through August 9th. A sabbatical is a period of special leave granted for personal and professional development. Tryst will taking this time to explore the best practices, norms, programs and innovative approaches present in religious education programs of other faith communities. Tryst has worked with staff and lay leaders to ensure that our full RE programs will be uninterrupted, and she is very enthusiastic about returning with fresh eyes and renewed enthusiasm! You can view Tryst’s complete sabbatical plan here.

Join Tryst’s Sabbatical Circle!

This group will assist with planning Tryst’s send-off celebration on March 25th, support a smooth transition into the sabbatical period, and plan a Welcome Back celebration to take place upon her return. Do you love planning parties? Are you great at troubleshooting issues? At problem solving? Do you have great ideas for recruiting volunteers? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you’d be a great addition to the sabbatical circle. Our first meeting will be taking place next week. Please email your questions or interest to our Assistant DRE, Tamara at [email protected].