Meet the Artist

Meet artist Cornelio Campos at coffee hour after service on Sunday, April 15. His work is displayed in Founders Hall through April 21. To purchase art on display, contact the artist at [email protected]. 25% of all sales goes to UUFR.

Cornelio Campos has worked and lived in his native Mexico, as well as in California and Durham, North Carolina. His paintings include expressive narratives of his beloved hometown of Cheran, in the state of Michoacan in Central Mexico, and of his immigrant experiences in the US. He has drawn since he was a young child, and he began to paint at the age of 10. He attended art classes taught by Panfilo Macias in Cheran, Michoacan, and CREA summer school in Guadalajara, Jalisco. He says: “My paintings are inspired by the nostalgia I have for my home town of Cheran, Mexico, my family and the customs that I grew up with. I also believe my paintings are a tool for sharing my indigenous background and offering a teaching lesson for the people here in the United States. I do two types of art, one which is folkloric and the other which would be considered political. In these pieces I express the different things that people from Central and South America face by being in a different country and also by being colonized by the Spaniards. I would describe this type of work as narrative, and it’s a free expression of what I think about… a way I can express what I feel at the moment about what is going on in society with immigration and the political status of people (immigrants) here in the USA.” — Cornelio Campos