A Prayer for Difficult Times

O God,
it’s hard to know what to say,
hard to know what to pray sometimes
when fear, sadness, anger, and confusion come over me.
This world is so beautiful and so terrible at times,
people so magnificent and so malevolent.
It’s hard to know how to feel
with all the wonder and horror happening at the same time.
I want to make things right, fair, clear.
I want to make people kind, merciful, and just.
I want to end violence, heal brokenness, prevent pain, restore hope.
My longing is so big and I am so small.
Sometimes despair speaks to me in poisonous whispers.

O God, be that still, small voice that speaks of love, comfort, and hope;
be my calm amidst the storm.
Be the fragile, beautiful flower that catches my eye to remind me
that seasons come and go, in nature, in life, and in history.
Be the kind eyes that remind me
that there are open hearts and hands all around me,
waiting to love and help,
if I will only open myself to them.
Remind me, in every way,
that I always have the power to choose how I will respond to life,
and then help me to choose wisely, act justly, live peacefully,
and embody every value and virtue that I wish to see in the world.
Help me to be and become
my best self
in thought, word, and deed
today and every day of my life.

– Rev. Dr. Justin Osterman, June 29, 2018