Thanks to UUFR Flea Market Helpers

Many thanks for all who helped with the Flea Market on Saturday, August 11. Besides the money we make for UUFR, we helped recycle, we added to school supplies for needy children, we donated long-sleeve shirts to migrant workers, we added supplies for Religious Education, and we helped Cause for Paws.

When you see these people, please pat them on the back for the help they gave: John DeBoskey and his son Joseph who always are present, Pat Ward who makes our sign, Pat McLaughlin who puts the ads on the web and supplied us with doughnuts, Janet Rattray who makes sandwiches for the workers, Tom Karches who checks prices on electronics, Martin Perry and Jule Shanklin for donating their trucks for pick up, Bo Chagnon who hangs the rod for the clothes, Arlene Jarvela who is chief cashier, Barbara Norman who heads up the pricing, and Pat Butler, Nancy Devereaux, Carmen White, Judy Montgomery, Kate Duprey, Alice Pettyjohn, Kathryn Caler, Salinda Tyson, Hao and Joe Williams, Christina Stableford, Dan Steen, Jim Worrell, Linda Shenley, Whit Hames, Will Smith, Phyllis Gruner, Jo Nerhood, Beth and Jim Flanagan, Sonnya Quinn, B. J. Smith, Dianne (and I forgot your last name, sorry), Jessica Sinha and Maggie Schleyer.