Only One More State Needed to Ratify the ERA

Did you march, protest, and sign petitions to support the ERA in the 60’s and 70’s? Congress passed the ERA in 1972, but 3/4 of the states needed to ratify it to turn it into law. The deadline was extended in 1982, but only 35 of the required 38 states had radified it. Last year Nevada radified it, and this May Illinois was the 37th state to ratify it. Now only one more state is needed to make up the required 38 states. Will North Carolina make history by being that crucial vote?

On September 23rd, Sunday Morning Forum will present a 30-minute video on the history of the ERA, followed by a Q&A facilitated by the co-chair of the League of Women Voter’s ERA Committee. Be present at 9:30 am to learn about this old legal hassle that is in the news again and find out how you might become involved.