Big Thank You to Work Day Participants!

A big thank you to the many volunteers who turned out for the Fall Freshen up work day on Saturday,October 6: David Prestrud, William Smith, Billy Liles, Jane Hunt, Bruce Lynch, Chris Wise, Jim Wood, Rob Scheller, Michael Oakes, Alice Pettyjohn, Carole Murray, Ken Walsh, Christina Heim and Jonathon, Hunter Strickland, Betty Jean Smith and friend, Barry Taylor, and Jinny Batterson. For those who stayed, we had a fabulous lunch of grilled Brats, and David’s favorite polka music to boot!

We especially appreciate the new folks who came out! This event is an easy way to make new friends and get the warm feeling of accomplishing something by working together. Please come out on the 2nd Saturdays of each month. Raking leaves will need many hands! Sorry if I missed your name and thanks again, Erik Dyke