New “Focusing Our Light” Project: The Martin Street Mobile Market

The Social Justice Council is pleased to announce the final “Focusing Our Light” project for this fall, another new facet of our relationship with Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. On the 2nd Saturday morning of every month, at Martin Street Baptist Church, IFFS provides free food, and people come to “shop.” Each month volunteers set up, staff the market, and then break it down at closing time.

This activity has MANY positive attributes: it feeds people in need; it’s an opportunity for UUFR members to work together, build new connections, and increase our visibility out in the community; and it brings us into contact with the people we serve.

This task requires 15 people each month, and UUFR has reserved 5 slots on November 10th and 5 slots on December 8th. It is our intention to increase that commitment in the coming year, hoping to take over that whole operation so that UUFR becomes known as the sponsor of that initiative. Visit our table at the Social Justice Fair this Sunday to learn more about this fabulous opportunity to do social justice work in our community, or contact Susan Silverio at [email protected].