Join UUFR’s Environmental Justice Ministry Team

Did you know that our sanctuary lights were replaced with LEDs by volunteers in our congregation? From late 2016 to early 2018, members of the Men’s Unbook Club (an auxiliary of a women’s book club that includes many of their spouses) installed LED lights in UUFR’s sanctuary as a memorial to former members John MacMillan and Rand Irwin. UUFR’s Environmental Justice Ministry team was excited to learn about this LED project because it supports Project Drawdown, an international effort and catalogue of the top 100 realistic, evidence-based solutions to reverse global warming. At a time when most of the news we get on climate change is negative, Drawdown’s recommendations give us hope, along with positive concrete actions to focus on at UUFR and in our daily lives.

Read more about our sanctuary LED light replacement, Drawdown, and what we can do as individuals, on the UUFR Environmental Justice Ministry Team Blog  And please consider joining us for our next Environmental Justice Ministry Team meeting on Tuesday, November 13, at 7 pm in Clara Barton. Also, watch UUFR’s calendar for future 2nd Tuesday meetings.