Justice Sunday Collection Nov. 18 for BackPack Buddies

The Social Justice Council has designated UUFR’s “BackPack Buddies” project as the recipient of this month’s Justice Sunday collection on Sunday, November 18th. “BackPack Buddies” is the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s program that provides children from low-income households with nutritious, “kid-friendly” groceries for the weekends, when those children otherwise might not eat. One in six children in Wake county are at risk of hunger; one in five in the state of NC. Each Friday the child receives a backpack containing enough food for six meals and two snacks.

Local organizations have the opportunity to support this effort by “sponsoring” children, which includes providing the cost of a year’s worth of food to IFFS and packing up that food each month to be delivered to the schools. IFFS distributes backpacks to 2300 eligible children, and as part of our “Focusing Our Light” initiative here at UUFR, we are sponsoring 15 of those children for the current school year. The cost for one child for the whole year is $365, and our Justice Sunday collection will go toward the $5,475 needed to purchase the food for those children.

This project feeds hungry children and is a wonderful intergenerational volunteer activity here at UUFR. Many members and families have already participated in packing up the food for September and October. Feeding hungry children — only you can make this happen. Please contribute generously next Sunday.