Participate in Guest at Your Table Fundraiser, ending January 6

In partnership with the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), UUFR is distributing collection boxes for the Service Committee’s Guest At Your Table fundraiser. Collection boxes are available in Founders Hall. All money our Fellowship raises will help Central American migrants seek asylum in the United States. Below is one story of hope that explains how the UUSC fights for the rights of migrants.

CLEMENTINA FLORES: The countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, collectively known as the “Northern Triangle” of Central America, constitute one of the most dangerous regions in the world. A series of civil wars during the 1980’s spawned failing institutions, widespread corruption, organized crime, and ever-increasing, pervasive violence. Clementina Flores’ two sons decided to leave Honduras and headed north into Mexico, where, like so many other migrants, they disappeared. She searched for them for years. Faced with no effective means of reporting and investigating missing persons, especially across national borders, Clementina was on her own. She herself traveled the migrant trail, distributing photographs of her sons and calling their names as she walked along town and city streets. Eventually, Clementina enlisted the aid of one of UUSC’s partners in Mexico, the Foundation for Justice and the Democratic Rule of Law (FJEDD). Through its regional network of civil society organizations, the FJEDD tracks missing migrants, and also facilitates forensic research to identify those who have been killed, provides psychosocial aid to families, and assists with court hearings.

In 2017, the FJEDD successfully helped Clementina find and reunite with one of her sons at a migrant shelter in Guadalajara run by yet another UUSC partner, FM 4 Paso Libre. With renewed hope and confidence for locating her other son, Clementina soon will appear before the Mexican Supreme Court with the support of the FJEDD and the UUSC: “My case … is about justice, the rights that I have to know the truth, and the obligations they have to find my son.”