Living the Pledge to End Racism Workshop

Living the Pledge to End Racism Workshops Set for March and April

The next Living the Pledge to End Racism will be held on Mondays March 4, March 18 and April 1 from 8:45-1:30. There are spaces left and you may register HERE. The next workshop on Saturdays will be April 6 and 13 from 8:45-4:00 PM Registration opens next week.

Here’s what past participants are saying…

• The group exercises took me out of my comfort zone but were very helpful as we practiced and learned from each other how to respond to racist remarks or attitudes.

• Through this workshop I gained a deeper understanding of our country’s legal invention of whiteness and practice of systemic racism, along with a clearer understanding of my family’s immersion in this culture.

• The “Living the Pledge” workshop at UUFR gave me a needed nudge toward reducing the twin scourges of individual prejudice and institutional racism.

• Since the workshop, I’m more aware day-to-day of the tailwind my whiteness has often provided.

• The most powerful part of the workshop was the microaggressions role-play where we pelted Lee with cliché microaggressions about being black. It really brought home the cumulative effect of a daily life of microaggressions and made clear why white people cannot simply evaluate a specific incident as a standalone thing… and must take into account the whole cumulative context.

For more information about future workshops watch the Chalice or contact Lee Tate, [email protected], or Jerri Meisner, [email protected]