A Message from the Board – Continuing the Conversation

On Sunday, 2/17, your Board held an information session after our Sunday service to announce the decision to terminate our contract with Rev. Osterman, who has been serving as our Developmental Lead Minister.  

We want to emphasize that this decision was unanimous, thoroughly considered and rooted in our own direct experience. We reviewed every available option and chose what we believe to be the best path forward for UUFR. We were not responding to conjecture or to any pressure from the UUA. We are convinced that Rev. Osterman can no longer effectively serve as Lead Minister for UUFR.

We apologize that this meeting did not allow enough time for everyone to voice his or her questions and concerns, and ended abruptly with no indication as to how we would continue this conversation.

We want to hear your comments and concerns, and to acknowledge and respond to them as best we can.  Doing this for one another is vital to the health of our congregation and to preserve our covenant. To keep the conversation going and to help us remain thoughtful and not reactive, we ask you to please take the time to put your thoughts in writing and to send them to us at this email address: [email protected]

We will summarize your collective concerns and suggestions and respond as best we can in the coming weeks.   

In all of our communications, both public and private, let us all be mindful of our impact on one another as we express our thoughts and feelings. The individuals who filed complaints acted from a place of courage and integrity. Those expressing sadness and dismay are acting from a place of grief and loss. Every cry you hear is not a war cry. Sometimes it just hurts. As Denise MacMillan said in a recent post, “Let’s work to remain in covenant with each other so we can get through this as a healthy community.”


In Fellowship,

Your Board


Robin Banker    (919-649-7354)

Dayang Chen    (919-264-0423)

Mary Kay Fruga   (919 977-1103)

Jennifer Johnson   (919-604-3824)

Billy Liles   (919-859-4521)

Bill MacMillan

Tom Silverio   (904-415-1155)