A Message from Your Board: Background Information for Search Discussion


Your board will be hosting two sessions to listen to comments, opinions and advice on our choice of applying for an Interim Minister or a Developmental Minister.

  • The first session will be on Wednesday evening February 27th, at 7 PM in Clara Barton.
  • The second session will be following service on Sunday March 3rd in the Sanctuary.

Here is some basic information by way of background to help guide our discussion:


Proposed Developmental Goals for UUFR

  1.  Maintain a consistently high-quality worship service that teaches, challenges and inspires the congregation to pursue our mission.
  2.  Increase congregational participation in the life of the community, by creating unity of purpose, enhancing interpersonal connections with more deliberate small group ministry, and becoming a more effective force for social justice.
  3.  Review UUFR physical and operational infrastructure with the goal of more formalized processes, updated procedures, and bringing campus facilities up to “sanctuary standard.”
  4.  Increase visitor conversion and member retention.
  5.  Offer stronger educational programming across generations, programs that support the building of the next generation of UU’s, with opportunities for spiritual growth and exploring important life issues
  6.  Become a more loving and diverse community, welcoming all and seeking to live up to our pledge to end racism.


Developmental vs. Interim Minister — Definitions

Developmental Minister: 

Developmental Ministry is a type of transitional ministry that occurs between two long-term called/settled ministries. It’s ideal for a congregation that has three to four specific goals it wants to work on before calling its next long-term minister. The goals are set by the congregational leadership. Based on those specific goals, the congregation is matched with a minister who can help them achieve their goals. The minister is hired by the congregation’s board of directors and establishes a mutual contract.

Interim Minister:

Interim Ministry can be described as a transitional ministry, most commonly used to help a congregation move from one settled ministry to the next settled ministry. Most often the duration is 24 months, though occasionally the ministry may be longer or shorter. The interim minister(s) assists the congregation in moving beyond its last ministry and equipping itself for a new, different ministry. This preparation involves helping the congregation look at practices that may or may not be serving them well, assisting through the emotional process of transition, setting sights forward, and connecting the congregation to needed resources. The interim minister is hired by the board of directors. Interim ministers may not be called by the congregation. NOTE: Interim Ministers do not work on the goals established by your Board.


To read more about the differences between Developmental and Interim Ministry and the search process timeline, please see attached document.

We look forward to seeing you at one of information/discussion sessions on either February 27 or March 3. Please join us!

NOTE: You can also provide input by email to [email protected].


In Faith and Fellowship,

Your Board


Robin Banker    (919-649-7354)

Dayang Chen    (919-264-0423)

Mary Kay Fruga   (919-977-1103)

Jennifer Johnson   (919-604-3824)

Billy Liles   (919-859-4521)

Bill MacMillan

Tom Silverio   (904-415-1155)