Message from the Board: Our Path Forward


Your Board is grateful to all who participated in the “Listening Sessions” on Wednesday, February 27 and Sunday, March 3. Together, we raised many thoughtful questions and concerns regarding whether our path forward will involve an interim minister or a developmental minister. Notes from these sessions can be seen HERE.

Nominations to our Search Team were closed on Tuesday, March 5. Your Board’s next step has been to prepare a ballot that reflects the diversity of our congregation.

On Sunday, March 10th we will hold a Congregational Meeting. There will be no quorum called, because the votes taken for our Search Team will be advisory votes. Child care will be available, but children are welcome at this very brief meeting.

Ballots for Search Team members will be inserted into the Order of Service and also available at the meeting.

At this meeting, your Board will:

  • Announce its decision on whether to pursue an Interim Minister or a Developmental Minister;
  • Share the final goals to be used in the application;
  • Distribute and collect ballots for Search Team members. Results will be announced in the March 14 Chalice newsletter.

Then, on Monday March 11th, we will submit our application for an interim or developmental minister.


Thanks to all who join us in this important work. Your involvement is essential to this community and to our moving forward together.

In Faith and Fellowship,

Your Board


Robin Banker                                   Billy Liles

Dayang Chen                                   Bill MacMillan

Mary Kay Fruga                               Tom Silverio

Jennifer Johnson