UUFR Foundation Grant Proposals

The UUFR Foundation is an endowment fund made possible by generous member donations. The Foundation by laws provide that earnings from the fund will be used to finance UUFR facilities, to enrich our programs and help meet needs that are outside the operating expenses of UUFR. The Foundation directors are pleased to announce that $12,000 is available for disbursement from the fund for this fiscal year. The board is seeking grant proposals from UUFR members for projects that could be funded using this money. Each proposal from a member will require a staff or UUFR board member sponsor. The Foundation directors hope to receive numerous worthwhile proposals each of which would receive some of the $12,000. These proposals would be for one time funding grants. Examples of proposals that could be funded are capital investments such as furniture, equipment or facility improvement, seed money for new UUFR groups or training requests for new or existing groups. Other worthwhile uses would also be considered. The deadline for the submission of proposals is May 31, 2019. Applications should be emailed to [email protected] or submitted by a web form. For more information you may contact any of the Foundation board members: Robert Sundstrom(president), Joe Williams(vice-president), Dayang Chen (board representative) or members Rebecca Mayhew, Bill Mac Millan, John McLain, and Karl Ulrich.