Proposed UUFR Budget for next year

The UUFR FY2020 budget will be voted on at the annual meeting on June 9th. In preparation, the Board is presenting this information for your consideration. As noted last week there will be three discussions on the proposed budget: May 26th after service, May 29th at 7:00 PM and June 2nd after service. A detailed look at the budget can be seen here. We look forward to your thoughts and reflections.



We are fortunate that, despite some unexpected expenses. our fiscal year for 2019 will end with a surplus. Those unexpected items include $5,230 for legal fees, $17,700 for consultant and support ministers, and $2,241 for guest speakers for Sunday services. This was only possible through the generosity of the congregation. Thank you to everyone who fulfilled, and in some cases exceeded, their pledges for this year.

Creating the budget for FY2020 presented a special challenge. Many people who pledged and contributed in FY2019 chose not to do so during this year’s pledge drive. Those who did pledge increased their pledges by an average of 4.8%.

Your Board set out three areas of emphasis for funding: increased support for the music program, religious exploration and social justice. (see specific items identified below) Despite the shortfall in giving the Finance Committee developed a conservative budget that provides increased spending in these important areas and results in a balanced budget.

One of the key items required to achieve this is a reduced contribution to the UUA. This was a difficult decision. But when we discussed our situation with the UUA they proposed a 5-year plan (which is awaiting approval) for us to recover from our current issues and return to full UUA contribution. During that time UUFR will be considered to a full contributing congregation. We applaud their willingness to work with us, and appreciate their understanding.


Some highlights of the proposed 2020 budget:
a) The estimated revenue for the current FY2019 year, which ends on June 30, is projected to be $715K, with $579K of that coming from last year’s pledged giving. For FY2020 the total budget revenue is projected at $673K, including $534K in pledged giving.

b) There are no staff salary increases budgeted. The positions of Congregation Administrator and Finance Director will be temporarily reconfigured within current budgeted funding. In addition, the Connections Coordinator position will remain vacant. Our new minister will evaluate the entire workload and make recommendations regarding staffing.

c) The Reserve Fund will continue to be funded at $12,000.

d) The UUA contribution will be $3,560. (10% of our FY2019 contribution)


Some specific ways we are pursuing our priorities, either in next year’s budget or in current authorizations:

  •  Increased funding for guest musicians
  • Purchase of a keyboard amp
  •  Funds for UUFR to host Our Whole Lives (OWL): Lifespan Sexuality Education training next year
  • Increased funding for Anti-Racism, Immigration and Refugee Justice, and participation in UU Forward Together activities. (In addition to funds for LBGQ Justice, voter advocacy, and the over $30,000 our congregation will distribute through Justice Sunday collections this year.)
  • Purchase of cabinets for social justice food and supplies collections.
  • Funds for repair and upgrade of our parking lot
  • Funds for major repair to our grand piano


In conclusion: We invite you to review this information and join us for discussion in any of the three sessions we have scheduled between May 26 and June 2. If you are unable to attend those sessions, we welcome your comments and questions via email or by phone if you prefer. Thanks in advance for your input and support!

In Fellowship,
Your Board —

Robin Banker (919-649-7354)
Dayang Chen (919-264-0423)
Mary Kay Fruga (919-977-1103)
Jennifer Johnson (919-604-3824)
Billy Liles (919-859-4521)
Bill MacMillan
Tom Silverio (904-415-1155)