UUFR’s Anti-Racism Ministry Fall Workshops

UUFR’s Anti-Racism Ministry (ARM) was formed in March of 2016 at the request of the Board. ARM’s goal is “to affirm UUFR as an anti-racist congregation through policies, procedures and programs.” To guide its actions ARM has developed three Key Focus Areas:

  1. UUFR members of all ages will have participated in deep conversations about Anti-Racism hosted by UUFR.
  2. UUFR’s physical spaces and physical ambiance will be a tangible embodiment of our ARM vision and work.
  3. ARM will collaborate with groups and people inside and outside UUFR to share resources, experiences, skills, perspectives and cultures in the work of dismantling racism and white supremacy in UUFR and the Triangle area.

As part of this mission, ARM is offering two, 2-day Living The Pledge To End Racism Workshops this fall. The first is on September 7 and 21, and the second is on October 5 and 19. (The October sessions will offer childcare and children’s programming.) Participants in the workshops explore their own experience with people of other races, examine the problems of microaggressions, learn how to speak up when they witness racist acts, and examine their own implicit biases.

Workshops run from 8:45 am-4:00 pm each day and are open to adults and high school teens. Additional workshops are planned for January 11 and 25 and March 21 and April 4. Registration dates will be announced in the Chalice, the Sunday Order of Service and posted on the ARM bulletin board outside of Founders Hall. For additional information, contact Lee Tate or Jerri Meisner.