Focusing Our Light Project: Martin Street Mobile Market

Our current Focusing Our Light Project is the “Martin Street Mobile Market,” which will take place on Saturday, September 14, at 8:30 am. The Social Justice Council is delighted with the enthusiastic response from our members and friends who have already volunteered at the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s (IFFS) “Mobile Market.” On the 2nd Saturday morning of every month, at Martin Street Baptist Church, IFFS provides free food and people come to “shop.”

Each month volunteers set up, staff the market, then break it down at closing time. This activity feeds people in need; provides an opportunity for members to work together to build new connections that increase our visibility out in the community; and it brings us into contact with the people we serve. This task requires 8 – 10 UUFR folks each month, who work alongside volunteers from the host church and from many other organizations.

Many of our regular volunteers are out of town this week so if there’s any chance you’re available, please take this opportunity to join us in going out into the greater community and putting UUFR’s values into action. The minimum age for participation is 11. Sign up here or email Amy Blackwell.