Family Ministry at UUFR

This week, we continue with the exploration of our October theme: What Does it Mean To Be a People of BELONGING? Remember that parents have access to an extensive Soul Matters resource packet on the theme each month. It is full of questions, games and activities that can help parents enforce the theme at home.

Our Volunteer Spotlight this week is on Parent Support – Help support parents through resources, workshops, support groups, and assessing parent needs. Other volunteer opportunities are Sunday Morning Circle Leader, Sunday Morning Circle Assistant, and Sunday Morning Check In Assistant. Please contact Tryst Chagnon to inquire about serving in any of the above positions or check out all available volunteer opportunities online.

For details about this Sunday’s programming and other family news, please check out the This Week in Parent News page every week. Don’t miss out on connecting with our parent community-Join us on the UUFR Parents Community Facebook page!