Wellspring: October 23

Wellspring: October 23

UUFR Genealogy Group, led by Linda Hames

If you’re interested in discovering more about your ancestors, you’re welcome to join us as we tell stories of recent discoveries and share strategies. Beginners are welcome — we will help you!

Unexplained Experiences as Spiritual Experiences, led by Sandy Pearce

Recently, Rev. Thom Belote from the Community Church in Chapel Hill preached a sermon at UUFR entitled, Taking Religious Experience Seriously. It was based on the ideas and writings of Jeffrey Kripal, an author and professor of religion w ho explores and examines events or occurrences that happen with no rational explanation – dreams that foretell the future, feelings that something is happening somewhere else that turn out to be true, personal experiences that seem to come from another realm of existence. These experiences are more common than we generally recognize, partly because people who have them are reluctant to talk about them for fear of being ridiculed or at least not believed. Belote spoke of many well-known people of the 19th century who participated in seances or sought some kind of mystical experience. Kripal believes that these mystical phenomena that are dismissed by historians of religion as well as scientists are an important source of insight into the sacred and should be taken seriously. Join us to share your “unexplained experiences” with other like-minded people and hear more from Kripal’s book, The Supernatural: Why the Unexplained is Real.

Living the Pledge to End Racism (Session 3 of 6), Family Workshop