A Message from Your Board: 20/20 Vision

The message we heard this past Sunday from Rev. James — how ‘then’ became ‘now’ — traced the journey of our beloved UUFR community from its origins in 1949 to today. Supported by the deep roots of that history, we find our footing in this present day and ready ourselves to begin the next leg of our journey. Where are we headed, and how do we find the way? We move from ‘here’ to ‘there’ guided by our best sense of what our mission requires of us, both in response to our present circumstance and in support of our obligation to the future generations of this congregation.

This year your Board and Rev. James have jointly determined our priorities, and have created an integrated view of the work at hand. The priorities identified here align with the Developmental Goals the congregation approved when we initiated our search for a Developmental Minister earlier this year. This work involves many aspects of our congregational life within and beyond UUFR, including:

  • Strengthening our sense of identity and purpose as a UU congregation.
  • Nurturing a climate of inclusiveness and engagement as we welcome visitors and new members.
  • Clarifying our policies and leadership structures to promote greater transparency and encourage collaboration.
  • Creating operational structures and establishing practices appropriate for a large congregation
  • Increasing the effectiveness of our partnerships and community involvement.
    A detailed view of the goals we have laid out is available at this link, and you’ll be hearing more about them on a regular basis.

    On December 7 Rev. James and your Board will meet with the new UUFR Leadership Council — the committee chairs, ministry team leaders and staff members who will partner with us in addressing this work to support the mission of our congregation. While we won’t complete all of this work in one year, together we will make meaningful progress.

    We look forward to sharing our progress with you in greater detail at our mid-year congregational meeting on January 26. Grateful for the past and at one with the present, we are moving forward together to embrace our future.

    In faith and fellowship on behalf your Board,

    Mary Kay Fruga
    Board President