A Message from Your Board: Forward Together

Our Mid-Year Congregational Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 26, after the service.  We’ll be providing more detailed information on topics discussed in this article.  Please join us!

The recent holidays have been a time of reunion and reflection for many of us, bringing us back to our loved ones and the experiences in which our lives are rooted.  What is true for us as individuals is also true for our community.  Just one month ago we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of UUFR, recalling the milestones of our storied history.  While this new year calls us to look ahead, reflecting on where we’ve come from sheds light on where we need to go next.

Your Board and Rev. James have worked closely together these past months to both understand our past and imagine our future.  The long-term goals we have established integrate the work of your Board with Rev. James’ developmental goals.  Together they build on the strengths of our past and challenge us to realize our potential in living out our mission — “to build a Unitarian Universalist community that transforms lives and empowers people to serve the world.”

But to move forward effectively, we also need to address those aspects of our community that haven’t grown or kept pace with the needs of our now larger congregation.  The answers to these questions should be clear to each and every one of us:   Who is responsible for what?  How do members voice their opinions and concerns?  How do we constructively disagree?  How do we make decisions?  How will we know we’re heading in the right direction?

In working with Rev. James, your Board has realized and committed to (among other things) discerning and clarifying for all of our members two key areas of our congregational life:

  • Understanding the role of the Board and the Minister in relation to one another.
  • Establishing mechanisms to ensure that the Board and the Minister have meaningful and consistent input from across the congregation to help us assess the effectiveness of our work.

For more information on progress and plans in these and other areas, please join us on Sunday, January 26.

In faith and fellowship on behalf your Board,

Mary Kay Fruga
Board President