2020 Generosity Campaign

Delicious snacks were had by all this past Sunday as we kicked off the 2020 UUFR Generosity Campaign. Generosity Circles have started! Have you signed up for yours? If not, contact Lynne Taylor to sign up to attend one. And pledges have started coming in! It’s very encouraging so far with lots of people taking steps forward!

What does UUFR mean to you? Has UUFR made you a better world citizen, a more caring family member, or a happier person? Share your story of the joy and meaning UUFR has brought to your life. Your story may become part of the stewardship team’s effort to demonstrate what a difference UUFR is making in our own lives and the lives of others outside our doors. Please submit a written testimonial – or simply a willingness to be contacted – to Linda Shanley.

We’ve got important work to do, and a successful campaign will help us change the world – Let’s do it together! Thank you for your generosity.