Help Us Watch Out for Each Other . . .

Become a Buddy During the Covid-19 Pandemic

UUFR ministers, staff, and the Care Team have started a “buddy system,” a new program of the Care Team that began before the coronavirus pandemic but which is especially useful at this time. It partners individuals or households with one another for regular check-ins via telephone. Now, more than ever, we hope others of you will take part.

“Buddies” agree to keep in touch with each other other frequently, especially during crises or weather emergencies or just to say, “Hello, hope you’re doing well; how are you; can we help you; do you need anything?” Depending on you and your buddy’s preferences, your check-ins can be via telephone or, if you prefer, you can utilize Zoom to allow you to interact face to face from the comfort of your own homes.

We have also initiated a separate phone calling system this week where more vulnerable UUFR members will be contacted during the Covid-19 crisis to determine their status, and we will be inviting people on our call list to join the buddy program. Even if you are not on our call list and would like to be added to the buddy system–at least for awhile–please let us know! All UUFR members and friends are welcome to join us in this valuable means of maintaining social connections in a time of physical distancing. Contact the Care Team ([email protected]) to be a buddy.