Love Wins Lunch Changes: Wednesday, March 25

After conferring with Stefanie Mayes, director at Love Wins, we have decided to provide a “drop off” meal on March 25, and we will not stay and serve lunch. On March 25th, meet Linda Liles at UUFR between 9:00-10:30 am to drop off your food, which she will bring to Love Wins, or meet Carmen White at Love Wins (St. John’s MCC, 622 Maywood Ave., Raleigh) between 10:45-11:15 am to to drop off food there.

If you’re providing hot food, (meatloaf, potatoes, peas,) please feel free to bring it to UUFR in your own container on March 25 where it will be transferred to an aluminum half pan. You can also buy your own half pan and then later “reimburse” yourself with one from the stack in the UUFR kitchen. Gravy can be delivered in cartons.

In addition. Love Wins’s food supplies are low, so please donate the following: dried pasta, canned tomatoes or sauce, canned meats, grated cheese, bacon, cruciferous vegetables, sugar, creamer, and bottled water. Email Linda Liles or Carmen White, or phone Linda at 919.215.2305 with questions.