Generosity Campaign… Going Forward

The 2020 Generosity Campaign is now officially over, and although we’re not able to celebrate the results in person, we certainly have a great deal to celebrate! With more pledges yet to be counted, we are well-positioned to create an annual budget that will serve our congregation’s future.

To date, pledges total 90% of our $600,000 goal, representing 78% of our households.

Compared to last year, this year’s pledges represent 33% more new pledges; a 15.4% increase in pledge amount; a 25% increase in the median pledge; and 77% of the pledges increased.

If ever we needed our faith community it is now. But we will also need it tomorrow, and next week, and next year, and for all the years to come as we continue to Grow Forward.

If you have already pledged, thank you! Your generosity will go a long way towards helping us live out our mission, and you can feel good about the part you’ve played in creating a better world.

If you are one of the 50 or so members and friends who pledged last year but have not yet this year, please make a pledge online today or contact Linda Shanley for assistance. Every pledge counts as we do all we can to care for one another.