UUFR’s Care Team Contacting Members

The UUFR Care Team wants to make sure that everyone in the congregation is aware of the many forms of support the church community can provide during this difficult time. These include help with grocery shopping and other errands, pairing congregants to check on one another through our Buddy System, and connecting individuals with lay ministers for spiritual needs. There are limited funds available in the Ministerial Discretionary Fund for those facing economic hardships. We even can arrange for an IT tutorial if you need a hand with this new world of video conferencing!

The Care Team is proactively reaching out to everyone in the church community who has health conditions, is over the age of 65 (technically at high risk), or lives alone.   If you fall into one of those categories and have not yet been contacted by one of our Care Call volunteers, please reach out to us by calling the Care Team at 919-637-6325 or by emailing [email protected]. Please provide your contact information and status so that we can get an update on how you’re doing and can add you to our list of folks to check on.  You are important to us!

Do you need COVID-19 resources or assistance? We have compiled a list of resources and services we are currently aware of to help people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The list is updated regularly and can be viewed by visiting here.