Social Justice Actions Continue During Social Distancing

It is April 20th.  We are still impacted by the COVID 19 virus, forced to stay home, our building is closed; however, the members of the UUFR have remained socially active. Many of the UUFR Social Justice ministry teams are meeting online and planning for the next year. Many members of our congregation are giving time and treasure for those who need help. Our first online Justice Sunday collection resulted in donations of over $1,700 for the Inter-faith Food Shuttle.   Demand is growing and they need more donations both food and money.  Please go to their web page donate money or food and decide what you can do.

A social justice activity all of us can do from home is writing letters.  Write Here! Write Now! is a campaign created by Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice. This group advocates for our values and causes in Washington DC.  WHWN collect letters from UUs across the country and present them to members of congress.  Studies have shown a written letter has more impact on our elected representatives than mass emails or online petitions.  May is Earth Month. They are encouraging letters to support passing S.2754, a bill to reduce HFC pollution.   Visit the UUSJ website, learn about the organization, its advocacy programs and sign up for a letter writing party on April 24th.

Perhaps the pictures of the earth repairing itself because of global quarantining just may move them to consider legislation to better protect the planet.

Jim Hurdis

For the Social Justice Council.



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