Preparing For Our First Virtual Annual Meeting: Sunday, June 7

The 2020 UUFR Annual Meeting will be a virtual (online) meeting using the Zoom platform. Although many of us now have some Zoom experience with social events, our experience holding official functions that involve quorums and votes is more limited. All participants will be required to register using an email address that identifies themselves and establishes a connection to the meeting. This process is used to establish participant identity, to keep the system secure, to verify that we have a quorum, and to hold votes by members. (We plan to use other methods to connect any interested member who is unable to participate online.)

Please be on the lookout for an email later this month with a short list of questions that will help us affirm your identity, the email address(es) that you and your family will be using to vote, and other details. YOUR RESPONSE IS CRITICAL TO MAKING THE ANNUAL MEETING RUN SMOOTHLY AND ENSURING THAT ALL VOTES ARE COUNTED ACCURATELY.

More information will be coming through the Chalice and other avenues between now and June 7. We also will be offering several opportunities for training and practice in meeting and voting via Zoom. We plan to use some existing meetings to provide very short lessons and will also present one to three dedicated sessions during the week prior to June 7. Thanks very much. And please, watch for and respond to that email ASAP when you receive it.