The Board of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh hereby establishes the following policy regarding consumption of alcoholic beverages in our buildings and at fellowship gatherings.

The board wishes to ensure that UUFR:
• complies with the laws of the state of North Carolina applying to alcoholic beverages
• is responsive to the needs and concerns of those who struggle with alcoholism;
• encourages UUFR members to consume alcohol in a responsible manner.


Policy and Responsibilities

Alcohol is permitted at church sponsored social functions within the parameters described in this policy, but it is generally discouraged at committee meetings and church work sessions — whether or not on the church property. Appropriate alcohol use in church functions on church property is limited to beer and wine. Any alcohol at church sponsored events shall be served by, served to, and consumed by adults of legal drinking age only.

Committees or groups that plan for refreshments at church functions should be considerate of the needs of those who do not use alcohol. It is the responsibility of the committee or group sponsoring a church event to determine and publicize whether or not the event will offer alcohol, and to ensure that fellowship events operate in compliance with this policy (and with the Facility Use Policy, if event is held on the church grounds) with respect to licenses, storage, etc.

If money is being collected for the alcoholic beverages, a single event license (one each) for selling wine and/or beer shall be obtained from the NC ABC board and displayed where the beverages are being served.

No unsecured alcohol shall be left in the church, as this affords access by under-age persons. Secured locations will be designated by the board.

Publicity and registration materials for church sponsored events should clearly indicate if alcohol will or will not be served. When there are multiple church sponsored events around a similar topic, such as a series of cottage meetings, the committee or group coordinating the series will provide for, and advertise, specific alcohol-free gatherings. When alcoholic beverages are served, it is the responsibility of the committee or group sponsoring the event to identify persons responsible for serving alcohol at the event,
ensure they are familiar with this and related church policies, and to provide that alternative beverages of similar quality and food will both be available.

Committees or groups sponsoring church events with alcohol present are also empowered to set and enforce alcohol consumption limits, including the ability to refuse service to individuals when appropriate. It is the responsibility of the committee or group sponsoring the event to consider logistical approaches, such as location of alcoholic beverage distribution, to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for those who choose not to drink, as well as those who drink responsibly.

If alcoholic beverages are being brought by individuals for their own consumption (BYOB), and money is being collected for any other item being supplied by the event, (for food being served, as payment for supplies used, as admission to the event, as payment to performers, etc) and the event has elected to not obtain an alcohol license from the NC ABC board, the beverages must stay in the possession of the individuals who brought them or others with whom they are being shared, i.e. they cannot be consolidated and served from a central location such as a “bar” table.

UUFR members who host events in their homes should remember that they can be legally responsible for their guests.


Non-Fellowship Events Occurring at UUFR

For non-fellowship events (e.g. rentals, non-rental use of the building by outside groups or fellowship members), the UUFR Congregational Administrator will ensure that the group/individual having the event understands and agrees to abide by this policy. UUFR staff is empowered to set stricter alcohol policy for rental use of the building than is set forth in this policy.