2020 Annual Congregational Meeting Summary

UUFR held its Annual Congregational Meeting via Zoom on Sunday, June 7. 187 members attended the meeting using our new platform and a quorum was readily achieved.  Rev. James opened the meeting with opening remarks, and Mary Kay Fruga, Board President, opened the meeting.  Chris Wise served as parliamentarian; Sheila Higgins was presiding secretary. 

Recognitions made at the meeting included the following:

  • Gayle Fitzgerald as this year’s recipient of the Barbara Michos-Rand Irwin Award;
  • Bill Bestimt as the Unsung Hero Award winner;
  • Board members completing their terms: Billy Liles, past-president; Dayang Chen, treasurer;  Jennifer Johnston and Amber Nimocks, Board members-at-large;
  • The Annual Meeting Zoom technical team: Art Lieberman, Erin Krupa, Bill MacMillan, Wendy Gates  Corbett, David Potorti, Lewis Copulsky and Jim Van Kirk.  

Business conducted the following actions, all of which passed:

  • Approved the 2019 Annual Meeting minutes;
  • Elected new Board members: Laura Dupre’, president-elect; Paul Groves, treasurer;  and Amber Nimocks, member-at-large, 
  • Elected Judy Edmonston and Eleanor Penley to the Nominating Committee;
  • Approved UUFR’s membership in ONE Wake; and
  • Adopted the FY 2021 UUFR budget. 

There was very little discussion and no amendments offered during the meeting.  Prior to budget passage, Dayang Chen provided a positive update about the current UUFR financial status, a major highlight being that revenues exceeded expectations allowing a surplus transfer to our reserve account for long-term financial stability.  Rev. James commented that the FY 2021 budget is a balanced one that will adequately cover established priorities for the congregation. Mary Kay Fruga and Rev. James concluded the meeting with a review of key accomplishments and a look forward. 

This year’s meeting was remarkable in a couple of ways:  There was substantial support by the congregation despite the challenges of an untested virtual platform.  And the meeting was well run, made possible by a very dedicated, capable tech team that put in many hours and much effort to make it work.  Much gratitude is extended to all.  

If you would like more detail on the meeting please access the slide deck on the Google Drive Member [email protected] here. The UUFR Annual Report is there as well.  Lastly, the meeting was recorded and can be accessed here.

Sheila Higgins, UUFR Board Secretary