UUFR Social Media and Email Policy and Procedures


  • UUFR’s policy is to place great value on maintaining close and positive relationships within our Fellowship community.
  • As part of advancing UUFR’s mission, UUFR members agree to abide by the Covenant of Right Relationships when communicating with other members, friends and staff.
  • The congregation recognizes that email and social media should be used for sharing information with members and friends, but that face-to-face communication is better for sensitive or emotionally charged conversations, discussing issues in depth, and addressing conflicts.
  • The congregation recognizes that because online communication lacks certain elements of face-to-face communication (e.g., tone of voice, gestures, and posture), written messages can easily be misinterpreted.
  • The congregation recognizes that on occasion internet posts or emails can arouse strong emotions, but that taking time to reflect before responding can make responses clearer and more objective.
  • UUFR’s policy is to comply with all laws and regulations, including those associated with its 501(c) status, defamation, intellectual property, and website terms of use.

The Board of the UUFR therefore adopts the rules and procedures spelled out below.



This document applies to current and future social media platforms used by UUFR to communicate with its members and friends. This document does not apply to the use of personal social media platforms by UUFR members, friends and staff.


Procedures and Rules

Social Media Site Administration
  • Administrators. Each official UUFR website must be maintained, curated, and monitored by two or more site administrators. They cannot be related to one another and one must be a UUFR staff member.
  • Public Page. The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh Facebook page is the organization’s public site and is may be followed by anyone. The congregational administrator administers the public site.
  • Other Social Media Sites. UUFR uses other social media sites, including Facebook pages, which are closed to those without permission to join. To join, a user must be a member, friend, or affiliate of the congregation.
Responsibilities of Site Administrators
  • Contact Information. Administrators are expected to make available on the site a link to current, official UUFR contact information.
  • Covenant. Administrators are expected to reference the Covenant of Right Relations and provide a link to the covenant on the site.
  • Logo and Mission. Administrators are expected to incorporate the Board-approved, current UUFR logo and mission statement into the “about” section, or a similar section.
  • Feedback. Administrators are expected to provide opportunities for site users to offer feedback including accessibility of content.
  • Other Property. Administrators are expected to verify rights to use photographs, logos, and similar information included in the site’s “about” section, or a similar section.
  • Monitoring. Administrators are responsible for monitoring sites for inappropriate content, as described below.
  • Photographs and Videos. Administrators may post photographs or short videos of members and friends of the congregation, but are expected to first obtain the permission of those depicted, or of a parent or guardian if the person is a minor.
  • Removal Language. Administrators are expected to state the following in the “About” section or a similar section of the site: “UUFR may delete any content deemed inappropriate from this site, including content that is hateful, unlawful, irrelevant or contrary to UUFR’s mission, as well as personal attacks, endorsements of a political candidate or party, and content that violates a social media platform’s terms of use.”
  • Adding Users to Closed Groups. The page administrator is responsible for adding new users to the page.
General Responsibilities of Site Users
  • General Use. Users of official UUFR sites are encouraged to post content that supports UU Principles and the UUFR’s mission and programs, as well as to like, upvote, comment, and share posted content as they wish.
  • Inappropriate Content. However, users may not post or share inappropriate content, which includes content that:
    o   Promotes goods or services that do not further the mission of UUFR;
    o   Endorses a candidate or political party;
    o   Purports to speak for the congregation as a whole;
    o   Violates intellectual property, privacy, or other laws;
    o   Defames or threatens individuals or organizations; or
    o   Is belligerent, sarcastic, accusatory, or insulting.
Removal and Notification
  • Removal Authority. Any site administrator, after consulting with the lead minister, may remove content they deem inappropriate.
  • Notification. The site administrator will notify any member or affiliate of the congregation of the removal and the reason for the removal.
  • Appeal. The affected member or affiliate may request a review of the decision by the site administrator or lead minister. The lead minister’s determination will be final.
Email Guidelines
  • Use. UUFR email accounts may be used only for UUFR business and activities.
  • Responsibilities. The General Responsibilities of Site Users apply to email correspondence from and to UUFR and those in official UUFR roles.


JRLuecke, 15 December 2019; 6 January 2020; 19 January 2020
Substantial revisions JYocom, 31 December 2019
Minor revision made after 16 February 2020 meeting