A Message from Your Board: The Year in Review

Even though we’ve been in a bit of a time warp these past few months, the end of our church year is fast approaching. We are in a far different place than we were a year ago, facing a new array of unexpected challenges and opportunities. Looking back at the past two years, I am amazed by the resilience of our congregation, by our commitment to hold together through difficult times and transitions, and by our efforts to represent our values and live our mission both within and beyond our UUFR community.

We are fortunate to have Rev. James as our Lead Minister. His leadership and experience have kept us grounded and moved us forward this year — which is no small accomplishment in these uncertain times. When he first arrived last August, your Board worked closely with Rev. James to clearly identify the congregational goals we would work together to address. Key among these was establishing mechanisms to ensure that the Board and the Minister have meaningful and consistent input from across the congregation to help us assess the effectiveness of our work.

This year the UUFR Board will be doing an evaluation of Rev. James, and he will be doing an evaluation of all other staff members. To help with these processes, UUFR members and friends are invited to fill out two simple online forms between now and June 30, 2020 — one for Rev. James that the Board will review, and one for staff members that Rev. James will review. For additional information and to access the evaluation forms, please visit http://www.uufr.org/evaluations/

UUFR belongs to all of us. We’ll use these evaluations to help us assess the effectiveness of our ministries, and to inform the decisions we’ll need to make in planning for the year ahead. Please take a few moments to invest in the health of our community by sharing your experience, so that we are prepared to do our best in growing forward, growing together, growing strong.

In faith and fellowship on behalf your Board,

Mary Kay Fruga
Board President