Masks for Raleigh

COVID19 disproportionately affects people of color (POC) both health-wise and financially. One way we can help is to provide masks. The UUFR AntiRacism Ministry Team is working with two Black activists in Raleigh who are distributing masks made and donated by UUFR members and friends. These will be given out to people who are involved with the Fertile Ground Food Co-op in SE Raleigh, healthcare workers, people participating in demonstrations, and others as needed. For example, a recent request was for an Hispanic family with 3 small children, that has been hit with COVID. Thanks to your generosity, we’ve so far given them 147 ready-made masks, 4 face shields made from 2 Liter bottles, 73 pre-cut masks and elastic, and a sewing machine. There are 63 masks ready to go in the next batch. People have generously donated fabric and supplies, but more mask makers are welcome. Please contact Cathy Murphy if you are willing to make and donate some masks. And a big Thank You to all who’ve donated fabric, elastic, masks, etc! The recipients are very grateful!