Ramping Up Our Voter Advocacy in a Covid-Infected World

Most of UUFR’s personal interactions have transitioned to more virtual modes—via email, Zoom, phone, text, or other technologies.. One remaining opportunity for personal interactions is  on Fridays when we collect groceries for the Love Wins Ministry and supplies for our refugee families in the our rear parking lot,

Another part of the “Friday hand-off,” efficiently organized by Nancy Moxley, has been a set of two successive postcard writing campaigns to encourage voter participation, both here in North Carolina and in some heavily Latinx areas of Texas. Nearly 50 of us at UUFR have already participated. Statewide, UUs have already written about 7,500 postcards in partnership with voter advocacy group Reclaim Our Vote. It is possible that additional post carding efforts will take place later in the summer. If newly interested, please get in touch with Nancy at [email protected].

Co-chair Nancy Moxley and I participate in monthly virtual meetings with North Carolina’s UU social justice ministry, UU Forward Together, and its new executive director, Lisa Garcia-Sampson (profiled in the Summer, 2020 article in UU World, “UU the Vote Organizers lay groundwork for November and beyond” https://www.uuworld.org/articles/uu-vote-summer-update). We’re encouraging each other and other member congregations in our Triad/Triangle region to stay the course in these challenging times.  We continue brainstorming additional ways to be effective voter advocates in a virtual space. As mentioned last month, the UUA website has extensive links about voting in 2020, including a list of “50+ Ways You Can UU the Vote (https://www.uua.org/justice/vote2020/50-ways-you-can-uuthevote).”

The upcoming “Virtual GA” (June 24-28) will provide more opportunities for information sharing and refining voter advocacy techniques. As part of GA, in continued partnership with Reclaim Our Vote, UUs are being challenged to phone bank during GA to encourage voter participation in the Texas primary run-off election, where over 30 races in the March primary did not provide a clear winner. Subsequent voting is being impacted by both covid-19 related concerns and legal challenges.

Early voting in Texas is set to begin June 29, with mail-in balloting an option and official primary run-off day on July 14. If you are interested in participating in a 2-hour shift of phone banking for the #GA100kChallenge, please contact me (Jinny) by June 22 by email or text: battersonjinn[email protected] or 919-986-1265.

Jinny Batterson
For the Voter Advocacy Ministry Team