It’s a Wash – Sharing Eco-friendly Product Info

I like to think that as consumers we can move the environmental needle by using our purchasing power to influence the kinds of goods that are manufactured. With that in mind, thought I’d share info on some eco-friendly products that a couple of us have found useful in our everyday lives – Dropp laundry detergent, TruEarth Eco-strips and Shecology cleaning products.  (BTW – I have no financial interest in any of these products, but I’m thinking maybe I should!) Here’s my story.

My mom often said, “Laundry is the one constant in life – you can count on it, it will always be there for you!”  In a household of 3 adults, 3 kids and 2 dogs, that is truer than ever! Since moving in with my son and his family, laundry has become a kind of a spiritual practice for me. It’s my Zen way of dealing with an almost daily chore that I’ve chosen to take on. In trying to meld that with a commitment to improved environmental practices, it was jarring to deal with the ever-present plastic detergent jugs cluttering up our space.  (not just plastic, but high-density polyethylene plastic…ugh!)

 My ever-attentive FB page must have sensed my concern, as advertisements started popping up for Dropp laundry detergent. ”Plant-based formula, zero waste packaging that is recyclable/repulpable/ compostable.” Skeptically, I gave them a try. To my surprise, they worked! They came in a compact biodegradable cardboard carton filled with easy to use pods of detergent. They take up less space than the bulky plastic jugs of liquid detergent, and they clean the clothes!  I’m thrilled!

Soon afterward, I started getting messages about another laundry product, TruEarth Eco-strips…1 strip=1 load. Similar eco-friendly credentials. Decided to check these out and again was pleasantly surprised! Packaging for these laundry strips is uncannily small – arriving in a 6×8” flat envelope – and, the thin strips actually clean the clothes.

While contemplating my choices, another EJMT member, Pat Butler, recommended yet another eco-friendly company that she discovered at an Asheville Farmers Market – Shecology. This woman-owned small business provides another choice for “100% Natural, non-toxic, antibacterial, hypoallergenic” cleaning products. With creative product names like “Soap Nuts, Mother’s Little Helper Laundry Pills and Laundry Color Pop” I know I’m in for a test run! Who knew laundry could be so exciting!

Suffice it to say I’ve sworn off plastic jugs!

You can check out these products at, and

I invite you to add purchasing power to your repertoire of tools to change the world…maybe even write to manufacturers about your expectations for eco-friendly products.  And while we’re at it, let’s continue to push our legislators through our letters our voices and our votes!

Donna Doran
For the Environmental Justice Ministry Team