Support Refugee Resettlement and Much More through July 12’s Justice Sunday Offering for USCRI

Many UUFR members are familiar with the US Committee on Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI)’s role in refugee resettlement. However, the Raleigh office offers many more services to refugees and immigrants than just resettlement. You may donate to USCRI online here. In Raleigh, USCRI attorneys assist families by defending their rights, promoting self-sufficiency, and forging community partnerships and, through grants and donations, can offer low-cost legal services, including:

  • representing persons seeking naturalization, asylum, immigration and consular processing;
  • obtaining green cards, work authorization, and Self-Petitions for Battered Spouses and Children;
  • helping persons seeking Temporary Protective Status (TPS), victims of human trafficking, and persons facing potential removal (deportation) back to unsafe homelands.
Other USCRI staff members offer life-skills classes, community integration programs, access to mental and physical health services, and English language training. UUFR and USCRI have a multi-year relationship and have partnered to provide English training. education and various cultural events as well as providing funds for much-needed items and providing volunteers for a multitude of tasks. Our financial support makes USCRI stronger and assures that these valuable services remain available to those in need.
Please give generously.