Turn Out the Vote 1000 Hour Challenge

There are now only 68 days until the election!  As mentioned in last Sunday’s sermon, the UU the Vote team at UUFR ( Voter Advocacy) is challenging our members to put our faith into action by engaging in 1,000 hours of non-partisan work during those days, with the goal of facilitating safe voting and encouraging every eligible voter to vote!  We will report our progress each week in the Chalice.

Pledged Hours – All poll workers, and anyone else who would rather make a Pledge instead of reporting hours as worked is welcome to do so.  Just send the information to [email protected].  We suggest Poll Workers pledge 20 hours (or more if you expect it will require more).

Actual Worked Hours – If you don’t want to make a pledge and prefer to just submit hours as you work, that is great!  The same email works for those ([email protected]).  If we have questions about submissions we’ll be in touch but this will operate on an honor system so however it works for you is excellent.


Some suggestions for this week’s hours are:

1) Phone bank with You Can Vote. Find out about the next scheduled phone bank here.

2) Every Thursday join UUs from across the country in phone banking to NC voters in partnership with the NC NAACP and Reclaim Our Vote. The phone bank is on Thursday evenings from 6:00 – 8:00pm ET and will be hosted by Forward Together, the UU Justice Ministry of North Carolina.

You can register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScaFzROXP36NdYCEIJuVMUEwADBjCxxdCIVTU-CEXxFs6hXtA/viewform

3) Friday Action Hour. Join Forward Together every Friday at 11am for an hour of connection, music and action. In the coming weeks, our actions will focus on reestablishing the full capacity of the post office, and spreading critical information about voting. No need to register, just join on zoom via this link: https://zoom.us/j/91029655107