Young Adults and Other UUFR Members to Help Staff the Polls

Holly Thomasson and Eli Rayfield are two UUFR young adults who will work the polls in 2020 for the first time. Holly decided to apply as an extension of her overall activism. Eli signed up after media reports of polling stations closing in other states due to lack of poll workers. They will adjust their work schedules to accommodate Monday evening set-up and then a long election day on Tuesday, November 3. Eli knows from his job as a COVID unit nurse about staying safe during a pandemic. Both Holly and Eli are North Carolinians by birth, perhaps an extra motivator. Other UUFR members will serve as voting officials for early voting, Election Day, or both. In Wake County, approximately 2,800 election officials are needed on Election Day, plus about 1,400 workers during early voting in October. During this pandemic year, “drop-out rates” among experienced workers are well above customary levels. it’s not too late for newcomers to apply! Check Wake County Board of Elections website for more information. Wake County’s Board of Elections will supply PPE for all workers. Training classes for all positions will start in September.