UUFR Answering the Call for Masks in Raleigh’s Communities of Color

Even when they can’t leave home, UUFR members are still hungry to do good in the world. Over the past few months, UUFR members have been part of an effort that has distributed more than 900 masks and face shields to Raleigh’s communities of color.

The project started when UUFR member Cathy Murphy found out, through another UUFR friend, that two African-American community activists were in need of masks to distribute. Cathy, who was already making masks for friends, quickly put her sewing machine to work.

Cathy Murphy with one of her homemade face shields. She’s looking for volunteers to take on this project.

She also began seeking other people to join the effort. She now has a list of 30 volunteers, some from UUFR and some from other community organizations, who sew and provide mask components.

Her mask-making project has become part of UUFR’s Anti-Racism Ministry. For those who can’t attend protests because they are in high-risk populations, this is a safe way to help from home. UUFR-made masks have so far gone to protesters, home health workers, day cares, volunteers delivering meals, students at St. Augustine’s University, and Fertile Ground Food Co-op in Southeast Raleigh.

Cathy attended UUFR’s Living the Pledge to End Racism workshop. Now, she sees mask-making as one small thing UUFR can do to help communities that are most impacted by Covid-19 — as well as reduce the environmental impact of disposable masks.

And there is still a need for more masks. If you would like to donate fabric sew masks, or try your hand at making face shields from bottles, get in touch with Cathy Murphy at [email protected]. Cathy can provide fabric, face shield materials and instructions, as needed.